What is Attentive Drawing?

This sketchbook tool is an introduction to the practice of Attentive Drawing, a brain management technique that you can do anywhere. It trains you to improve focus and access your creative insight. Attentive Drawing is a movement meditation done by repeatedly following along the lines of the included artistic line designs with any pen or pencil. It is a fun concentration practice that not only improves your ability to focus, it occupies part of your brain providing a pathway for creative ideas to emerge from your subconscious mind. Some benefits take a little practice but immediate ones include: – More efficient transitioning between tasks – Letting go of mental blocks or interfering thoughts – Releasing stress There are 49 pages of designs, each with a companion page to immediately record your thoughts, insights, notes and sketches that emerge from your creative unconscious. The books quickly become treasured idea journals that you revisit time and again. Everyone develops their own way of using Attentive Drawing. Find out how it works for you.

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